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  What If You Can't SUCCEED?




Excellent Orientation Programme for Students Preparing for Entry to Overseas or Local Universities and Undergraduates Preparing for Entry into the Job Market.


Do you want to

  • Learn a technology of change that can bring you to a higher level?
  • Learn some resourceful mindsets to trigger more successful developments for yourself?
  • Discover your own styles of thinking, empowering or limiting, and your inner powers?
  • Discover your preferred thinking and learning styles to enable you to capitalise your powers for excellence?
  • Learn an NLP Change Generator?  (NEW)
  • Learn an NLP Anxiety Buster?  (NEW)
  • Learn the best way to achieve your goals (academic, career, spiritual, health, family, business etc)?


"The talk was a great experience and was DEFINITELY life changing.
Understanding how we work has very much made us realise how to be
more in control. Once again, thank you very much for sharing with us
the power that was hidden all this time ."
Nur Shazwani Hj Abd Samat,
3rd Year Engineering Undergraduate 2009
University of New South Wales

"After attending this course, I gained the skills to organize my mind,
to diminish my fears and even to learn how to think.
It made me realize my true potentials and my weaknesses
and helps me to set my goals straight and make better decisions
in the future.
Also with the inspiring quotes introduced in the talk,
group discussions with people you just met
and interactively participated throughout the course,
I am now motivated, more confident and more determined
to strive through my undergraduate years!"


- Zaki Zaini (Ak Hj M Zaki Pg DP Hj Zaini)

1st Year Civil Engineering 2009

Imperial College, London


"The NLP talk is very helpful and it changes the way I view everything.
This talk explains and helps to optimise our thinking skills so that we
can further succeed in education, life and even work.
This talk also teaches us how to deal with people by observing their behaviour
and from this, unnecessary conflicts can be avoided.
Overall, the talk was great and very helpful."
Qahirah Tompal,
3rd Year Engineering Undergraduate 2009
University of New South Wales



"Different from other motivational and psychological talks,
this unique approach was simply amazing and breath-taking,
exploring and controlling the human mind and body neurologically.
I have never thought of it before having the power to bring to
a better change physically and emotionally.
This talk can spur people into success."

Abdul Matiin Bin Haji Muhammad Kasim
Leeds University
Graduate 2009
Geophysics Officer, Petroleum Unit

Brunei Darussalam





“Overall, I think personally, it is BRILLIANT.”


Nur Mohd Iskandar B Hj Awg Masri

2nd Year Undergraduate in Geophysics 2009

University of Edinburgh





“The talk was very useful.  You would be surprised how precise
the theory of NLP fits you - I did!  It allows you to learn more
about yourself in just a few hours.
Overall, it was interesting and top-notch.”


Abdul Muiz B Hj Matali

1st Year Undergraduate in Geology & Geophysics 2009

University of Edinburgh



"Not only that I have learnt the most effective anxiety buster yet,
I have certainly developed the skills on how to achieve
personal goals/targets, be it a short-term or long-term basis.
The group discussions were very helpful too in terms of
polishing my communicating skills with new friends
and breaking the ice, as well as boosting up my confidence level.

Overall, it was a mind blowing experience!"
- Billah Hasan
2nd Year Biological Sciences 2009
Universiti Brunei Darussalam









More than 100 students from Maktab SOAS and Cluster 1 Schools attended the NLP Seminar "What If You Can't Succeed?" in August 2009. 
Held at the Institut Tahfiz Al-Quran Sultan Haji Hassanal Bolkiah, Brunei Darussalam.




The Principal of Maktab SOAS, YM Pg Hj Zahari addressing the audience at his opening speech.



The Trainer & Coach engaging with the audience on States of the Mind.



Students of Menengah 5 from Maktab SOAS and Cluster 1 Schools, Brunei Darussalam



Students' engagement.



Students having great fun in the exercise.


Teachers and counselors attending the seminar.



Trainer engaging with the audience.



The Deputy Principal of Maktab SOAS handing the token of appreciation to the trainer.




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