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Leading with Leverage

Your 7 Impactful Leadership Skillsets to Excellence


A 3-Day Neuro-Semantics NLP training program for Leaders and Managers



A demonstration of a skill of Supporting through Pacing and the Power of Intention through the Neuro-Semantics pattern of Intentional Stance.

These are among the numerous NLP Presuppostions introduced in the training.
When the response you receive is not as you wanted, try something else and do something different.

A group of participants demonstrating their competency in applying the Neuro-Semantics skill of a belief change process called the Meta-'No' and Meta-'Yes'

An assessment on a competency level of managing states of the mind and body and running the Movie Rewind pattern to remove strong negatively charged emotions.

An assessment to the work on the representational systems and directionalising the brain using the Swish pattern.

A group discussion and practice on the newly learnt skills and to determine what works best.

Practicising the skills to find out how they work.

Discussing and reflecting on past experiences to how the skills fit into overcoming certain challenges.

Would engaging in fun learning be something you'd look for?

State Management 101 - Are you in your attentive state?  Are you in your curiosity state?

Concepts made simple by engagements and demonstration of the skills.

A moment of engaging an emotional intelligence exercise.
Have you ever been in a situation of self-contempt?  Would you want to induce acceptance, appreciation and awe on your self to the experience you have in life that challenges your concept of self?
Participants are engaged in the exercise of sliding anchor.

Reaching for the coach and trainer to ascertain certain understandings of the skills with fun and laughter.

So how would you do this pattern?  Recall a time when .....happened?
Are you there?  Just be in that moment........see what you're seeing, hear what you're hearing and just take in that feelings as you're feeling it.
Yes, thats right.

Lets look and try on some other moments in my life to try on the skill.

Clarifying certain concepts and opening up new ways of looking at things.

Senior Administrative Officer expressing how he felt about the resourcefulness of the training.

More time to sharpen the skills learnt.

Let's imagine a state of confidence and edit the picture, the sound and the feelings till they appear, they sound and they feel compelling.  You can feel that strong pull, can you not?  What's the intensity like? 9.9!

Let us work on the Meta-No and Meta-Yes belief change pattern.
Are you ready to install it in your neurology?  Picture it!  Listen to it!  Feel it and breathe in the whole!

Another movie rewind exercise during the competency assessment.  Rennie is coaching the process.

Coach and Trainer offering positive feedback to the pattern demonstrated.

What would an impactful learning experience be like?  How would you determine it using your sensory acuity skills?

A moment of "YES! "on the successful completion of the training.
The Director of Administration, Dato Paduka Ahmad Bukhari Bin PSRK Haji Abu Hanifah handed over the certificate.

A proud moment as the Director of Administration, Dato Paduka Ahmad Bukhari Bin PSRK Haji Abu Hanifah handed over the certificate to mark the successful completion of the training.


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