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"I coach to develop the client’s realization of the vein of goal that he/she may have and then facilitate him/her to unleash that strength, that potential and move him/her to a higher level where he/she can continue to grow." - M Nasser Ismail

We offer leadership and management training and life/personal and executive coaching on the basis of the Neuro-semantics and NLP models and the Meta-coaching system. We are associated to and registered member of the International Society of Neuro-Semantics and the Meta-Coach Foundation, Colorado, USA.

Our fundamental approach is mobilizing the client’s resources to achieve a mutually agreed outcome that ultimately unleashes the talents, passions and potentials of the client.  Consequently, the client experiences more, be more, know and feel more, do more, contribute more and have more. 

We carry out our coaching sessions with focused questioning and meta-questioning to enable the client to get to the heart of things hence facilitate change and transformation. We believe strongly in coaching for the transformation of performance, beliefs and values, meanings and directions in order to create performance change, evolutionary change and revolutionary change.

We are specially trained and certified in the system of meta-coaching. As meta-coaches we work at a higher or meta-level than the client’s experiences.  We work on the structure and process rather than in content. The client is his or her own best expert in content. We are trained to understand how people function and operate. With these meta-knowledge and meta-skill we draw the best out of the client.  Our approach is guided by six models of communication, change, reflexivity, implementation, systems, and self-actualization.

We apply the principles of NLP, a communication model that describes how language (linguistics) affects our body and physiology (neurology). As a model of human functioning, NLP describes the processes and patterns (programming) that governs our mind-body system and the processes and patterns that could enable us to “run our own brain” in new and much more resourceful ways.

Our approaches are anchored in the field of Neuro-Semantics.  Neuro-Semantics is about meaning and meaningfulness (semantics) and how those meanings are created at the primary level of consciousness and beyond; i.e. at the higher levels of the mind.  Neuro-Semantics works with the reflexivity of our states (Meta-States) that create our Matrix of Frames and that leads to how we can actually close the knowing-doing gap.  Neuro-Semantics focuses on the integration that results when we can translate the great ideas in our heads so that they are in our body (i.e. Mind-to-Muscle pattern). As a model with many sub-models for explicating the structure of experience, the heart of Neuro-Semantics is modeling experiences of excellence and mastery. This modeling process enables us then to create many models and patterns for replicating those highly desired experiences.





Axes of Change Model



The Benchmarking Model

Meta-Model of Language & Korzybski’s General Semantics


The Facilitation Model

Communication Model & Meaning/Performance Axes


The Matrix Model

NLP meta-levels (Dilts), Bateson, Developmental Psychology and Phenomenology


Frame Games

NLP meta-levels: Korzybski, Dilts, Bateson


Self-Actualization Quadrants

Korzybski and Human Potential Movement


Precision Template

NLP Well-Formed Outcome pattern


The Crucible Model

Self-Actualization, States

We generally offer three scopes of coaching to our clients.  In Performance Coaching our focus will be on incremental change and modification of a clients skills and behaviours; what the client can perform or do in action. Performance Coaching is highly effective in Workplace Coaching, Sales Coaching, Sports Coaching, and task orientated Coaching such as winning a competition, finding a new job etc. 


(1) NLP Communication Model

(2) Meta-Programs

(3) Strategy Model

(4) Hypnotic language model.

In Developmental Coaching we focus on evolutionary change, helping the client to develop beliefs, values, self-identity and other meanings for a change in their performance, in any area of life. Developmental Coaching is highly effective for Leadership and Executive Coaching, Relationship Coaching, Health Coaching, Wealth Coaching, and for releasing interferences to untapped talents and potentials.  In Transformational Coaching we focus on revolutionary change; change to an individual or organisations purpose and direction. Transformational Coaching helps a Client to make changes that ends up changing the very direction, meaning and purpose of their life, relationship or business. Transformational Coaching is highly effective for organisations to align the performance of employees with the highest intentions of Boards and Directors, and for systemic career change, self-actualisation, and realising innate talents and potentials.

To Your Highest and Best!


A great pleasure to introduce you to:

Nasser is an Internationally Trained and Certified Neuro-Semantics
and NLP trainer accredited by the International Society of Neuro-Semantics (ISNS),

He was trained directly under the world renowned master trainer, developer,
psychologist, entrepreneur, prolific writer Dr L. Michael Hall,the co-founder of the
International Society of Neuro-Semantics.

Nasser is passionate in teaching, coaching and training students,
and adults (families and executives) in the areas of
personal and executive developments. 
He has a strong desire to create positive changes in students,
families and executives
so that they can unleash their highest potentials.


Nasser is also an Internationally  Trained and Certified
Meta-Coach with credential ACMC from the Meta-Coach Foundation (MCF), Australia. 
He specialises in Personal and Executive Coaching. 
He approaches coaching client with respect, openness,
challenge, support and acts as a crucible to his client's agreed upon outcome.

He was trained directly under Dr L. Michael Hall and
Master Coach Michelle Duvall who jointly found
the Meta-Coach Foundation (MCF).

He has delivered talks to a wide audience over the past years
encompassing students, teachers, counselors, families, executives and senior executives in Brunei Darussalam, Malaysia and Singapore. 
He coaches executives and
individual on a regular basis.  He has recently trained several
Islamic scholars, managers and administrator at the State Mufti's Office
in Brunei Darussalam on
"Leadership Excellence: Your 7 Leadership Skillsets to Excellence"

Nasser is also an explorationist in the Oil and Gas industry and
has spent more than 25 years serving in the various areas of the industry.

Nasser graduated from the National University of Singapore in 1981
and from the Singapore Institute of Management in 1988.

Nasser did his post graduate studies at the University of New South Wales
in 1985 and graduated with a Master of Science degree. 
He also did some initial work for his PhD
at the Curtin University of Technology in Perth,
Western Australia in 1991 and MBA partially at the Universiti Brunei Darussalam in 2003.

He is the author of the book "Mind-Mapping - An Ultimate Thinking Tool"
published in Brunei, printed by the Government Printing Department. 
He is currently publishing a Neuro-Semantics NLP book
for parents as a guidebook to parenting with leverage.

A Registered Member of International Society of Neuro-Semantics (ISNS), Colorado, USA,

 A Registered Member of Meta-Coach Foundation (MCF, ISNS),




Transcend & Actualise* Consultants, Management Services,

(*- this is Nasser's branding)

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