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Either you are a human resources manager, a human resources practitioner or a personnel manager, a head of department/ division or section, a technical manager, a general manager, and a team-leader engaging in a recruitment exercise, you would have the positions, the qualifications, the job descriptions and the evaluation sheets ready for carrying out interviews for new candidates, won’t you?

So when you have all these ready what else could you do to refine the selection process to enable you to identify the ‘right’ candidate for the position beyond what you have prepared…paper qualifications, experience etc? Would you want to have an edge in terms of knowing more about the candidate in how he thinks and responds to certain requirements of a job situation in your department and/or company? Would you want to know if he or she blends into the organization or the company well so that he or she will add value to and increase the productivity of your organization and/or company? Would you want to be able to ‘read’ or ‘profile’ such candidate so that you can figure out whether this is the person you really want to hire? Would you also want to save your budget on training and to avoid the agony of readjusting your budget to train your newly hired staff knowing later that he or she does not really fit into your organization and/or company timely upon hiring?

If so, “Profiling Candidates using the tools of NLP in Human Resources Planning & Development” training will be what you really have to have.

So let’s see if these are among what you would like to get out of the process of selecting the best candidate for the position you’ve advertised. Would you be able to satisfy the following questions that may linger in your mind before you make a decision?;

·         How does a candidate usually operate in getting a job done? Does he/she adapt himself/herself by procedures?

·         How does a candidate get motivated to do a task assigned to him/her?

·         Is the candidate a potential team player, manager, independent worker or dependent?

·         In what thinking style does the candidate normally use when discussing on getting a project done?

·         How does a candidate relate to things, jobs, people or experiences in terms of being able to co-exist or entirely mis-matching?

·         How does a candidate normally attend to in a relationship with other workers?

·         How will a (leader,manager) candidate be convinced in a certain job that someone does?

·         How would you know if a candidate gets something done by executing it or reflecting on it before performing it?

·         How will the candidate act on stress at work?

·         What tells you that the candidate works on the WHY of things or works on the HOW to?

·         Will the candidate that suits the position/organisation be one who gets plans carried or one who spends time just perceiving them?

·         What concept of time does the candidate live by?


If these satisfy you, then ‘Profiling Candidates using the tools of NLP in Human Resources Planning & Development’ training will be the way to go. It is a 3-day training program conducted by an Internationally Certified Meta-Coach and Neuro-Semantics & NLP Trainer with the International Society of Neuro-Semantics (ISNS), Colorado USA, and the Meta-Coach Foundation (MCF) Sydney Australia.

Some Photos of the Training
July 2009, Brunei Darussalam

Practical Sessions

Debriefing and Preparing for the 'Live' Interview

'Live' Interview Sessions

Successfully Completed & Graduating

*some other graduants were not available during photo session.

Refreshing & Reflecting


The Trainer & Coach






“The workshop is more than excellent. A must-have for everybody. I categorize it as "small investment, VERY large return" because it's not only useful at work but also in everyday life. It helps to materialize my visualized person for the position and make observing people and understand them more interesting and fun.”


Salmimanja Hj Hassan


Project Coordinator/Acting Economic Officer

Human Resource Development Division.




“The training opens your mind, trains my mind wider to look, listen further and beyond what the other person is trying to portray. It provides you with the ability to pose those questions which provoke unspoken volume of information about your candidates through just the little words and unconscious gestures. My purpose in attending has been to ‘read’ a person and instead, I achieved more than that. I ‘read’ more of me too.”


Mariani Hj Abbas


Energy Economist / Mechanical Engineer

Corporate Division.




“This workshop helps me to learn using an additional tool in assessing a candidate ie using NLP toolkit.   Using this, a candidate can be assessed through verbal and non verbal communications.  This workshop should be attended by those are involved in recruitment / selection of candidates of any organisation.”  



Hjh Rapiah Hj Dullah


Economic Officer
Human Resources Development Division.


When You Make A Presentation and When You Manage Your Team - a personal experience of one of the participants

“As I walked up to take the seat for my presentation as a leader for my team, i feel such confidence with calm posture as if it was a routine. I reported our update like telling a story and emphasised with a firm voice on those that we need clarification or guidance or approval. I looked at the chairman and others who looked back at me speechless as if drowning with every words, i looked at my team mates who looked at me calmly, nod their agreements and looked at friends from other team who smiled and give me thumbs up with pride. I answered the questions and at times, put a slang to make myself more confident of my delivery... that felt really good! Hahaha

 Other times i was just speaking in a normal clear delivery with emphasising on some words.. these were subjects of which i am in control of and expert on and know at the back of my hands so i was confident and i am the leader of my team.. i made sure i portray the work of my whole team.. it gives me such pride..


As i sat down to lead and listen to my team mates giving their opinion, i saw the difference between global and detail person, i saw the team mates who really listen and who doesn't.  I learn to tolerate and be calm when the person doesnt listen to me the leader, learn to ask why and what he meant when he disagrees. and really learn to accept that he just wont listen to you hahahaha 

i like more that i learn of the belief that i could lead a team, that i could present confidently, that i take the responsibility seriously, calmly, responsibly.” 


M Nasser Ismail, ACMC
Personal & Executive Coach (MCF, ISNS)
Neuro-Semantics & NLP Trainer (ISNS)

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