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  SmArTLearning Workshop

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SmArT Learning Workshop

"After attending the SmartLearning Workshop, my daughter is more confident and more independent with all her school work.  Sometimes she surprises me with her general knowledge.  She obtained 4As and 1 B in her PSR and now among the top 5 in her class and I am especially proud of her Maths."

Dk Noor Leilawati Bt Pg Muda Omarali, Civil Servant.

"Since the SmartLearning Workshop, my eldest son who used to be an average student in school now moved to top 10 in class in the morning school and top 5 in the Ugama School. He excels and scored 4 A's and 1 B in the PSR exams.
My second son who used to be lower than average move to top 5 in school within 6 months. He also excels in Maths within few months, English, Science and Malay. We are less stress now and feel proud of the changes in attitude, manners, keeness in studies of our two children. They are now independent and more focused, very enthusiastic and inquisitive in their studies.
They both enjoyed the L2L Workshop and 
got benefits from the experience and apply it till now.
I believe the L2L helps them to boost their
confidence, knowledge power and skills."

AHS, Economics Officer 

*Contents and time: Subject to change at the discretion of the organiser.

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